Simply Handmade For You
Handcrafted Soap, Oils and Body Scrubs

I am Connie Smith, the founder and owner of Simply Handmade For You.

I am a certified soap maker and sell my handmade soaps, oils and body scrubs.

A little about my history:

My husband and daughter -- both have sensitive skin. Because of their sensitivities, I read the ingredients on all labels of soap and lotions before purchasing, ensuring they do not irritate their skin. That was a very difficult task, because everything had some type of chemical that was an irritant to them.

In 2010 I went to my first soap party. That was an “Aha moment”. I didn’t realize that it was possible to make my own products for my family. I started making soap after doing lots of research, taking classes, watching videos and practice, practice, practice -- before I developed that perfect soap recipe. My family now uses the soap I make 100% and their skin is much happier.

When I retired in 2014, I decided to take my love of making soap to the next level.

January 2015 I became a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. I opened Simply Handmade For You and started selling my soaps at the local farmers market, craft fairs and private soap parties. There are several methods to make soap and I primarily make soap using the hot process method in small batches using quality oils and ingredients. Once the soap is cooked, I add a little extra butter/oil to ensure a special moisturizing quality.

My goal is to create a quality bar of soap that is creamy, bubbly and moisturizing. I offer unscented (naked) products for customers that have sensitive skin and natural or scented products for everybody else.

In addition to soaps, I produce lotions, oils, body scrubs and body butters. Every product made is handcrafted in small batches to ensure you receive the highest quality, each and every time. I test each batch personally before I offer for sale.

Thank you for shopping at Simply Handmade For You. I appreciate your business. In a world full of choices, I am happy you chose Simply Handmade For You. I am confident you will enjoy my products.

Connie Smith

Simply Handmade For You